Monday, July 23, 2007

Dave’s first day at his new job…

Today was my first day working as a staff psychologist at the Salisbury VA Medical Center.  I worked at the facility before from 2000-01, but was a pre-doctoral intern at the time.  I still know a number of co-workers at the facility (especially in the psychology department) and am thrilled to be joining such a great team of people.

For the next week or so, I won't really get to do any work as a psychologist.  I will be filling out forms and going through orientation.  I was fingerprinted today and was sworn in as a federal employee.  I am really looking forward to getting past the orientation to the actual work of serving veterans.

During orientation, some of the class asked some questions about safety issues with violent patients.  Someone brought up the shooting that happened several years ago at this facility.  The shooting happened one week before I started my internship (I was already living in Salisbury), so I was familiar with the incident.  While accidents can happen when serving individuals with special needs, such events are very rare.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Jason and Grace coming to visit

Dave, Jason and the girls

Julie and the girls

One of Amanda's close friends from Spring Arbor, Michigan is Grace Archer.  Grace's mother was very busy taking a college course, so her father, Jason, thought it would be fun to take Grace on a trip to see us.  They broke up the 13 hour drive and stopped to see some friends on the way.  They arrived to see us on 7-19-07 and left on 7-21-07.

 The girls had a great time together.  We spent the day on Friday at an amusement park just south of Charlotte called "Carowinds".  Later that night, the girls went the premier of the new Harry Potter book at Barnes and Noble.

It was great to see Jason and Grace.  We were very touched that they drove all the way from Michigan to come and visit us.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

New North Carolinians

We arrived in High Point, North Carolina, on Monday, 7/9/07.  It was about a 13 hour drive and we broke it up over two days.  We will be living with Dave's parents while we wait for our house in Spring Arbor, MI to sell.

Julie and Amanda are a little homesick for our friends in Spring Arbor, but we are all adjusting to the move.  Dave will be starting his new job at the Salisbury VA Medical Center in about a week.  We enjoyed attending the Shady Grove Weslyan Church today.  We are going to carefully try several churches before making a decision on which church we will attend.

Amanda attended a three day horse camp from 7/11 to 7/13.  She is pictured here with her favorite horse "Tony."  She had a great time and learned a lot about horses and riding.  She went to the camp the day after we arrived.

It has been a good first week in North Carolina.