Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

Dear Friends and Family,

In July of 2007, we moved from Michigan to North Carolina and Dave took a position as a staff psychologist at the VA Medical Center in Salisbury, NC. Dave provides psychological services to elderly and critically ill veterans in their homes. He has been at his new job for about 6 months and loves it. Dave’s work caring for elderly veterans is very fulfilling.

Moving from our home of 6 years has not been easy. We miss our neighborhood, our friends, and our church. Dave’s parents have let us live with them while we wait for our home in Michigan to sell.

Julie was happy to be able to visit Seattle, Washington and spend some time with her mother this Fall. She was pleased to find her mother doing well. Julie was able to enjoy the beauty of Washington State and visit some childhood friends. Dave, Amanda, and Emily were glad she had a good time, but missed her every minute until she returned.

Emily started Kindergarten and Amanda entered 4th grade. They miss their friends and had a very good school in Michigan. We are very grateful that they have had a good school experience so far here in North Carolina.

After about 4 months of trying various churches, we finally found a church home. We attend Christ Wesleyan Church in Winston Salem, NC. We are enjoying our church, making friends, and finding ways to get involved. We are especially enjoying our Sunday School Class.

Thanks for your friendship. Please call, write, or email us any time. We’d love to stay in touch. God bless you and your loved ones. We hope you sense God’s peace and grace during this Advent season.

Dave, Julie, Amanda, and Emily Spriggs

Amanda and Emily, Christmas 2007

Dave and Julie, Christmas 2007